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zz11Funding a Norfolk Capital Investment

For individual investors working with Norfolk Capital, private real estate lending is viewed as a secure and attractive use of their accumulated capital.  Many of our investors shift funds to Norfolk Capital to avoid the volatility or under-performance of the stock market, while others are seeking more attractive yields than are available in the corporate bond and government security markets.

Additionally, many of our investors are simply seeking a more profitable alternative than their current Individual Retirement Accounts.  As explained below, all of Norfolk Capital’s investments can be funded through the use of a Self-Directed IRA.

Investing with Your IRA


Self-Directed IRA plans have been around for decades but many investors are unfamiliar with their structure and how they work.  Self-Directed IRA’s are established with an independent trust company that acts as a fiduciary to the Account Owner (you). In its’ capacity as fiduciary, the trust company provides all custodial and administrative services for each investment that is made with funds from the account.

For any investment selected by the Account Owner, the trust company ensures that all appropriate documentation exists and is properly executed prior to the Account Owner’s funds being invested.  During the life of the investment, the trust company will collect the earnings (e.g., monthly interest payments from Norfolk Capital) and, upon maturity, will ensure that the investment principal is returned to the Account Owner.

Investing with a Self-Directed IRA provides tax-free or tax-deferred returns and is a well-established technique that many of Norfolk Capital’s clients utilize. Though Norfolk Capital is not qualified to provide tax advice, our Investor Relations department has detailed knowledge and experience with Self-Directed IRA investing and can provide details on how to choose a custodian and fund your account. Please always consult a qualified CPA or attorney with Self-Directed IRA experience if you have questions.